Dow Jones is starting the day at a sharp discount

So many bitcoins are lost every day

The US stock markets expand their previous day losses on Thursday to open.

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Of the Dow Jones lost 0.69 percent to 28,323.40 points at the starting bell.

Stock marketers cited dwindling hopes of a quick agreement on a further corona stimulus package in the USA as well as significantly increasing COVID-19 infections in Europe and the USA as negative factors.

Corona out of control?

Now, “the oppressive realization that the infection process around COVID-19 in the old world is about to get out of control,” said market analyst Timo Emden from Emden Research. The US election campaign takes a back seat. With regard to the stuck game over the US economic stimulus package, market participants would still have to be patient. “In the meantime, the majority of investors are only counting on further progress after the US election and ultimately on the big hit in the said cause. A ‘deal’ remains wishful thinking for the time being,” said Emden.

Economic data do not bring any momentum

Fresh US economic data had little effect on pre-trading. Surprisingly, the mood in New York industrial companies clouded over significantly in October. The Empire State Index thus signals weaker industrial growth. The prices for goods imported into the USA fell again in September, although not quite as sharply as expected. For the year as a whole, prices have not risen since January. In contrast, the business climate in the Philadelphia region brightened surprisingly significantly in October. The indicator of the regional central bank (Philly-Fed-Index) rose to the highest level since February.Redaktion / dpa-AFX


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