Due to Coronavirus, actor Hugo Arana died

Due to Coronavirus, actor Hugo Arana died


Hugo Arana died at the age of 77 after contracting coronavirus. The sad news was released by the Argentine Association of Actors.

“With great sorrow we bid farewell to fellow actor Hugo Arana. In his prestigious career in film, theater and TV, he has been respected and loved by both his peers and his audience. We accompany his son Juan, his family and loved ones in this sad moment dear “, published in their social networks.

In recent days, the actor had been urgently admitted to the Sanatorio Colegiales as a result of a domestic coup. It was his son Juan who found it lying at home. During the medical check-up they performed a swab and confirmed that he was covid positive.

“I have the virus in a very light form, it has not damaged my breathing or I have pain. They check me every day and the pressure is fine, my heartbeat is fine, I have no temperature … What I bear the most is being lying on a bed waiting, but nothing elses “, there was assured the actor a few days ago to bring some peace.


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