E-sedan comes for $ 70,000 – Tesla makes Model S even cheaper

E-sedan comes for $ 70,000 - Tesla makes Model S even cheaper

Tesla challenger Lucid Motors is launching its Air e-sedan in a basic version at a price of 69,900 US dollars. Elon Musk reacts with a further price cut on the Model S.

Lucid Air.

© Lucid Motors
Lucid Air.

In the official presentation of the Lucid Air A few weeks ago it seemed as if Lucid Motors would initially only want to launch an expensive version of its electric sedan. The Lucid Air is said to cost up to $ 169,000. Now the Tesla challenger has an affordable version of the Air announced. For the basic Air model, Lucid Motors is charging $ 69,900 before taxes in the US – and Tesla is already forced to act.

Lucid Air can also be pre-ordered in Germany

The cheapest vehicle in the Air fleet, simply known as Lucid Air, is well equipped according to the manufacturer. The electric sedan should have a range of 653 kilometers (according to EPA standards) and 480 horsepower. In the USA, interested parties can now pre-order the vehicle – Lucid charges a fee of $ 300 for this. In Germany, you have to pay 300 euros to reserve the basic model. However, as in the other markets outside the US, Lucid has not yet specified a price.

For Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the startup’s announcement is apparently a serious threat. Per Twitter Musk explained, without explicitly naming Lucid Motors, that “the gauntlet” had been thrown – the prophecy would come true. In addition, the price for the Model S has been reduced to $ 69,420. The Model S price was only a few hours previously lowered by $ 3,000.

In addition to the basic version of the Lucid Air, Lucid Motors offers three other variants in different price ranges, the Air Touring ($ 87,500), the Air Grand Touring ($ 131,500) and the Air Dream Edition ($ 161,500). The Dream Edition model will not exist in Germany.

Deliveries will start in spring 2021

In the USA, the top version of the Lucid Air will go on sale first, from the beginning of 2021. The Air Grand Touring is to follow in mid-2021. The cheap models could not come until 2022 – at least according to the information announced at the beginning of September. Lucid Air only announced on Thursday that deliveries for the first Lucid Air models should begin in spring 2021. It is still not clear when the first Lucid Air will come to Europe.


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