Eating two kiwis a day boosts your vitality

Eating two kiwis a day boosts your vitality

Eating two kiwis a day boosts your vitality

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Eating two kiwis a day boosts your vitality

To boost your vitality, you need to fill up with vitamin C. Kiwifruit is the ideal fruit according to a new study carried out by New Zealand researchers. We take stock of the quantity to eat.

To be in good shape and full of vitality, it is recommended to have kiwi fruit on your plate. And even more than one!

Favor kiwi fruit to fill up with vitamin C

Scientists from the Department of Psychology at the University of Otago and the Center for Free Radical Research in Christchurch, New Zealand, wanted to know whether an increase in vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) levels through whole fruit or tablets could improve feelings of vitality or joie de vivre. For this, they carried out an experiment with 167 people aged 18 to 35 which had low levels of this antioxidant molecule.

The participants were randomly divided into 3 groups. The members of the first set were eating two kiwis per day. Those of the second took daily a vitamin C tablet (250mg) while the individuals of the third had a placebo.

Each group followed these instructions for 4 weeks. Participants also had to answer a questionnaire about their mood, their fatigue and their well-being every fifteen days. During this meeting, a blood test was taken to measure their vitamin C level.

The results showed that the ascorbic acid levels of the fruit group and the tablet group were returned to normal in two weeks. There was no placebo effect. On the other hand, the fruit had an additional advantage: those who ate it, were more lively.

“Whole fruit had a wider range of benefits. It reduced fatigue and improved mood and well-being in more people than what we saw in the supplement group. vitamin C reduced fatigue and to some extent improved the well-being of individuals with consistently low levels of vitamin C. Interestingly, the benefits of consuming kiwifruit appeared in just 2 weeks, “says Associate Professor Tamlin Conner, lead author of the study.

There is thus no doubt for researchers, it is recommended to eat two kiwis a day for two weeks to be on good form.

Vitamin C: benefits also on the body

Whole foods like kiwifruit don’t just increase vitamin C levels, according to the article in the scientific journal Nutrients. They also bring others beneficial elements to the functioning of the body and the brain and even to good humor. “For example, kiwifruit contains many additional vitamins and minerals which promote health and are also high in dietary fiber, which is beneficial for the gut. There are important links between the gut and mood regulation. This could explain why the kiwifruit has been more beneficial for the mood than vitamin C tablets, “added Professor Pr Tamlin Conner. So if you feel a bit of slack in this bad time for the organisms, do not hesitate. not to eat two kiwis a day.


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