Eggs, a food to be rediscovered and enhanced

Eggs, a food to be rediscovered and enhanced – ​​A healthy way to start the day? «Bring the eggs to the table for breakfast» comments Dr. Martina Donegani, nutritionist biologist. Although traditionally the Italian breakfast is sweet, opting for eggs is a winning choice.

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In fact, several studies have shown that the consumption of eggs for breakfast, especially when associated with a source of fiber such as, for example, a slice of wholemeal bread, helps to keep hunger pangs at bay for longer during the morning. And that’s good for your figure and good health because you avoid high-fat, calorie-dense snacks.

«The proteins, of which eggs are a precious source, have in fact a high satiating power, further enhanced by the effect of the fiber» continues the expert. «Taking protein at breakfast, reducing the intake of simple sugars, allows a better control of the glycemic load and therefore of the blood sugar level, which by not undergoing sudden changes avoids the appearance of early hunger attacks.

Any ideas for a tasty and healthy breakfast? An omelette of egg whites and vegetables, eggs and cherry tomatoes on a slice of wholemeal bread or the famous avocado toast.

«Nutritious and economical, eggs are an excellent source of protein of the best biological quality; they bring precious mineral salts such as iron and zinc, vitamin factors such as vitamin A and the B vitamins and contain an important portion of lipids, located in the yolk, which should not cause concern because they are largely unsaturated “explains the nutritionist.

“A consumption of 2-4 eggs per week is ideal for filling up on these nutrients, but you can eat even more, as long as you maintain a varied diet: in fact, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of fake news: the evidence Scientists say that eggs do not raise cholesterol, are safe and do not even harm the liver. “

In fact, recent studies have proven that eggs contain various substances, such as sulfur amino acids, useful in the treatment of some disorders, even serious, that afflict the liver. In particular, hepatoprotective amino acids such as methionine and choline are also useful for those suffering from chronic hepatitis, while inositol helps those who have problems with fatty liver disease, also known as “fatty liver”.


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