Election day begins in Coahuila

Election day begins in Coahuila

With the speech of all political actors focused on health security, the exhortation to go out and vote and emphasize that this is a historic election to take place in the midst of a global pandemic, this morning the General Council of the Electoral Institute of Coahuila held the Extraordinary Session where he declared himself in Permanent Session on the occasion of electoral day to elect local deputies in the state

Installation of polling stations in the 2020 Coahuila elections (Manuel Guadarrama)

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Installation of polling stations in the 2020 Coahuila elections (Manuel Guadarrama)

The presiding counselor, Gabriela María De León Farías, pointed out that despite the adversities and losses that covid-19 has brought with it, both the IEC and the Local Executive Board of the National Electoral Institute in Coahuila, worked hand in hand and with the Secretary of State Health to guarantee citizens both their health security and that of the vote they will cast today, for which he urged them not to miss the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

“It is very important not only because we will elect local deputies to represent us in Congress but because we have guaranteed that the event is held in the midst of the worst health crisis without putting the health of the voters at risk.”

He thanked the more than 15,621 Coahuilans who agreed to be officials in the 3,828 polls and will receive the votes of more than two million Coahuilans and stressed that the way to thank them is to go to the polls.

“Let’s not allow our democracy to be another victim of this pandemic,” I assure that innovative practices will surely be resumed by 2021, as was the case with the 54 electronic ballot boxes that will receive the vote of 36,210 Coahuilans for the first time and that open the door to the digital era of processes in Mexico “.

For their part, the political parties urged people to go out and vote and highlighted the effort of the electoral referee, although only four of the eleven political institutes issued a position.

He Labor Party He stressed that citizens must elect their 16 deputies by relative majority in direct vote and the 9 by proportional representation in order to make it possible to form an opposition congress that requires accountability.

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Democratic Unity of Coahuila He accepted that there was criticism and complaints from citizens for carrying out the election but stressed that there are other rights that must be defended, such as choosing their representatives.

Brunette He urged the parties to carry out the elections in accordance with the law and told the public that the only way to guarantee change is to participate.

For his part the National Action Party He accepted that he initially rejected the election to be held but added that circumstances led Coahuila to be the first entity to hold a pandemic election and asked to go out and vote freely and calmly.

Finally the Party of the Coahuilense Revolution He asked citizens not to remain without exercising their right to vote or to let democracy in the entity be defined by a few.


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