Election day begins in Hidalgo; seniors first to vote

 Election day begins in Hidalgo; seniors first to vote

With mandatory masks and rows with healthy distance, the hidalguenses began to cast their vote minutes after 8:00 am in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. Seniors were the first to line up at the polls in order to avoid crowds and thus prevent greater risks.

Election day in Hidalgo./ Jannet López Ponce

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Election day in Hidalgo./ Jannet López Ponce

Before the opening, the polling station officials sanitized the voting area, wearing face masks and gloves despite the fact that the National Electoral Institute (INE) had indicated that the latter would not be necessary, according to the recommendation of the federal Ministry of Health.

At the “Julián Villagrán” private preparatory school, in the center of Pachuca, Hidalgo, the polling station president began voting at 8:19 a.m. and indicated that he should come “with face masks, caps or shirts from someone from a political party. to be covered ”.

Mrs. Isabel Mendoza, 75, arrived at 7:30 a.m. and was the first to vote, she explained to MILLENNIUM that although it is from a vulnerable sector of the population, it is essential to go to the polls.

“I believe that all citizens have the obligation to come to vote, when the election for president was I did not have the opportunity to come but that is the only time I missed voting but I always go, since I started with my credential I have always voted As a citizen duty, I believe that it is necessary to elect our leaders and if they do not win, well, it was not left for us ”.

He also considered that the sanitary measures are “very good, really very good measures, I almost left it and for me it is fine, the care and the one they pass us one by one is very good”.

In Hidalgo 84 municipal presidencies will be renewed with a total of 1,800 positions between syndicates, regidurías and presidencies.

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27 thousand 118 officials will participate, three thousand 874 boxes, of which one thousand are 759 basic, one thousand 845 contiguous, 263 extraordinary and 7 special.

In addition, for the first time in history, 40 electronic ballot boxes will be installed in the municipalities of Pachuca, Mineral de la Reforma, Ixmiquilpan and Huejutla de Reyes.


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