Emmanuel Macron pays tribute to the beheaded teacher

Emmanuel Macron pays tribute to the beheaded teacher

© Keystone/EPA/Francois Mori / POOL

Emmanuel Macron paid tribute on Wednesday evening to the murdered professor of history and geography for showing caricatures of the prophet Muhammad. He denounced “the cowards” who delivered him “to the barbarians”, during a national tribute in the courtyard of La Sorbonne.

“I will not speak of the procession of terrorists, their accomplices and all the cowards who committed and made this attack possible”, declared the Head of State in front of the family of the deceased and a large part of the political class. “I will not speak of those who gave his name to the barbarians. They do not deserve it,” he added.

Samuel Paty was “one of those teachers who will not be forgotten,” he said. “Samuel Paty basically embodied the professor that Jaurès dreamed of in this letter to teachers which has just been read”, the one who “shows the greatness of thought, teaches respect, shows what civilization is”, a added the head of state.

“We will continue the fight for freedom” of which the murdered teacher is “the face”, assured Mr. Macron. “We will not give up caricatures, drawings”.


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