emotional disorders could increase in the coming months due to covid-19

emotional disorders could increase in the coming months due to covid-19

The covid-19 pandemic had consequences on people’s emotional well-being and it is very possible that it will increase in the following months because “there is talk of a second epidemic” in mental health matters, said Lorena Rodríguez, technical secretary of the National Council of Mental Health.

Mental health disorders could increase / Juan Carlos Bautista

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Mental health disorders could increase / Juan Carlos Bautista

During the evening conference on the coronavirus in the National Palace, the official considered that we need to prepare for a response and invest in mental health services, because that will help the well-being of people as a whole.

He explained that with the emergence of SARS-CoV-2, the federal government carried out interventions to ensure the emotional well-being of people and carried out 99 thousand 882 screenings, of which 67 thousand 525 to the general population, 15 thousand 158 to health personnel, 17 thousand to members of the university community and 3,390 follow-ups.

The majority focused on addressing problems of violence, substance use, and depressive problems in the context of the pandemic of covid-19.

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Dr. Rodríguez said that the great challenge was to attend to the mental health of the population in the modality of healthy distance, because many health establishments closed partially as the external consultation and For this reason, distance modalities such as the life line were adapted, where 9,317 people were treated, of them 1,638 health workers and about 5 thousand people from the National Youth Institute.

And he added that these figures reflect the consequences on mental health of the pandemic and make visible the importance of attending mental health in all aspects of public health.

He highlighted that there are few psychiatrists and psychologists in the country and 12 courses were offered in a covid context for mental health, where almost 400 thousand people were trained, in addition to 40 virtual and face-to-face brigades were deployed to treat these diseases.



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