“Entrepreneurs cannot just strip the worker’s skin. There must be a counterpart “

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EL PAÍS and MyNews interviewed this Tuesday the PSOL candidate for the City of São Paulo in the 2020 elections, Guilherme Boulos, as part of a series of sabbaticals with the postulants. The conversation was broadcast in real time on the newspaper’s website, on the EL PAÍS YouTube channel and on the MyNews on the platform. During the conversation, Boulos said he was not against capital or businessmen, but stressed that their performance must be linked to some form of social counterpart. “Entrepreneurs have to invest in the city, but not pulling the leather out of the worker. There must be social counterparts for the city. That’s what I stand for. And there is an important part of the business sector that understands this and that would be willing to build mechanisms in this direction ”, he says. Check out the full interview in the video above.

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Boulos also said that his Zero Rate program on public transport for students and unemployed – one of the main pieces of his campaign to the City of São Paulo – is a gradual one, which should be implemented throughout his term, should he win the dispute. He says that there are about 17 billion reais in cash in the City’s coffers to implement this and other programs, such as its citizen income proposal, which would benefit 1 million families in the city.

At 38 years old, Guilherme Boulos, son of a couple of doctors, has a degree in philosophy and a specialization in Clinical Psychology from USP. He began his political career in the student movement and gained notoriety with his role as coordinator of the Movement of Homeless Workers, MTST. In 2018, he was a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by PSOL, obtaining about 617 thousand votes. In the dispute for City Hall, he formed a slate with former mayor Luiza Erundina. In the most recent survey, from Datafolha, last week, appears with 12% of devout intentions, behind Celso Russomanno (Republicans), who has 27%, and current mayor Bruno Covas (PSDB), with 21%, but ahead other candidates, including the left bloc.

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