entry of the Liberals to the executive

entry of the Liberals to the executive


The Vert’liberals make their entry into the Municipal Council of the new merged municipality of Neuchâtel, to the detriment of the 2nd PS headquarters. The executive has swung to the right, because the PLR ​​keeps its two chairs.

Among the Greens, municipal councilor Christine Gaillard, under fire from criticism for her management of the Buildings Service, was not reelected, with her 2,498 votes. His running mate Nicole Baur garners 2867 votes.

Socialist municipal councilor Anne-Françoise Loup bears the brunt of the loss of the 2nd socialist headquarters. His colleague Thomas Facchinetti, who took 2nd place in the election, retains his post.

PLR Violaine Blétry-de Montmollin was the best elected with 3496 votes. The other elected PLR is the resident of Corcelles-Cormondrèche and cantonal president of the party Didier Boillat, who will replace the resigned PLR Fabio Bongiovanni.

The Vert’liberals created a surprise by obtaining a seat on the Municipal Council. Deputy Mauro Moruzzi is elected to the executive with 1,400 votes.


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