ERC warns of the risk of the reform of the Judicial Power if the “extreme right” governs

ERC warns of the risk of the reform of the Judicial Power if the

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The parliamentary spokesman for the Republican Left (ERC), Gabriel Ruffian, has alerted this Wednesday of the rRisk that the reform may entail of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) promoted by the PSOE and United We Can in a future government of “extreme right or extreme right”.

In statements in Congress, Rufián has answered this way when asked if his party shares the proposal of law that Socialists and United We can registered this Tuesday in the Lower House to modify the system of election of the members of the governing body of judges , what has been in office for almost two years before the lack of agreement of the PSOE and PP.

“Bread for today and hunger for tomorrow”

The Catalan independentista has wondered if this debate can be “bread for today and hunger for tomorrow“They are scary according to what reforms against a future government of the extreme right or the extreme right of the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos if they have this power,” he warned.

Apart from everything, Rufián points out that what is “undoubted” is that Spain has “a very serious problem” with the Judiciary that, in his opinion, it should not be an “obstacle” in what has to do with fundamental rights.

“And I do not mean only – he said – that they pursue political ideas, such as independence, or that one party has declared war on an idea or the Government,” but also that sentences are passed that, for example, lower the shame a “pedophile” professor of Opus Dei. “Already it’s one more question of decency, beyond the filias and political phobias, “he added.


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