Europe wants to break the power of tech companies

Europe wants to break the power of tech companies

Every Monday morning we report on five things that are important to start the week. This time it’s about the Digital Services Act, Amazon, the ECJ and Instagram’s tenth birthday.

Margrethe Vestager and the EU Commission are planning a new law for the companies in Zuckerberg, Pichai and Bezos.

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Margrethe Vestager and the EU Commission are planning a new law for the companies in Zuckerberg, Pichai and Bezos.

How do societies deal with it when important parts of the digital infrastructure are controlled by only a handful of large corporations? This question is currently preoccupying politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. In the European Union, the planned digital services law could stipulate the rules according to which the big tech players will have to play in the future.

Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives has completed a 16-month investigation into the four big tech companies Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. In its report, the subcommittee responsible for this comes to the conclusion that the companies hold a dominant position. The opposition Democrats therefore recommend that companies even consider breaking up. The Republicans do not want to take such harsh measures.

1. Digital Services Act: This is how the EU wants to break the power of tech companies

With the Digital Services Act The European Commission wants to achieve several things: On the one hand, further harmonization of the digital single market is being sought. This in turn should make it easier for startups to expand in Europe. At the same time, the law is also intended to ensure that the market power of the large tech companies is restricted. The commission also hopes that this will have positive consequences for the local startup industry.

2. US antitrust watchdog: Amazon bullies dealers and partners

US cartel watchdogs are bothered by the fact that the big tech companies act as marketplace operators on the one hand, but also as participants on the other. Especially The focus is on the online retailer Amazon. The controls according to the Cartel guard now more than 50 percent of the US e-commerce sector. Quite a problem for independent dealers.

3. How the ECJ risks the surveillance state

The European Court of Justice has ruled that states cannot simply save personal data of their citizens for no reason. A reason to be happy? No, says our commentator Enno Park. Because the ECJ has defined so many exceptions that nothing stands in the way of data retention in practice.

4. 10 years of Instagram: with stolen features to become a social media giant

The Instagram picture network has been around for ten years. The Facebook subsidiary owes its continued success not least to a very special one strategy: If competing services cannot be bought up, Instagram simply copies the most important features. After it was primarily the Snapchat app that served as a template for new functions for a long time, the Chinese service Tiktok has now become the target of this strategy.

5th practical tip of the week: No “just do it” – 5 mistakes made by inexperienced managers

Is it the first time in your career entrusted with leading people? While this is exciting from a career point of view, it can also quickly backfire. In our article The leadership expert Katrin Grunwald explains the mistakes inexperienced bosses often make – and how they can be avoided.

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