Evaluna Montaner explained why she can’t be a mom for now

Evaluna Montaner explained why she can't be a mom for now

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The couple of Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Etcheverry is one of the most popular in the world 2.0. The millions of fans closely follow the love of lovebirds who have no problem shouting from the four winds how much they love each other.

But after their dream wedding, the fandom awaits the arrival of their first child and looks on their virtual platforms for some signs of this moment. However, those who wish to know the fruit of this great love must wait because Ricardo Montaner’s daughter she’s not planning to be a mom right now.

In a Instagram Live with him Puma rodriguez, the singer gave the reasons for this decision. “It has to happen, soon. Now I am under a contract with Nickelodeon, for now I cannot. I’m going to record 6 months. If they decide to do more seasons, we have to wait, “he confessed.

Then, the 23-year-old girl admitted who is in charge of the Montaner clan, which, for the moment, lives in Miami in a huge mansion. “My mother. My mom is like the center, she is the one who keeps us all connected to what really matters, which is God. It reminds us that we have to be in that search. That is what guides our relationship, our family, “he said.


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