“Even the intensive care curve is growing strongly”


Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, spoke on Tgcom24’s show “Dentro ai Fatti”. According to what has been declared, we are in a moment of rapid rise in cases and the reason cannot be found only in the increase in the number of swabs carried out. “The ratio between positives and tested cases has increased” said Cartabellotta, underlining the increase also recorded by the curves of hospitalized patients and intensive care.

Cartabellotta: "Even the intensive care curve is growing strongly"

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Cartabellotta: “Even the intensive care curve is growing strongly”

“What we have to look at now are the weekly trends. In fact, for two weeks the growth of the case curve has become exponential, no longer linear “. This means that, after arriving at the end of July in a situation of great advantage, if between the end of August and that of September we managed to maintain between 9 and 11 thousand cases per week, between 30 September and October 6 ” they jumped to 17,200, and in that jump to 35,204“. Only in the last two days, says Cartabellotta, have they already joined more than 16 thousand new cases.

“By progressively increasing the number of weekly cases, the pool of currently positive cases expands which in the last week went from 60,000 to almost 90,000. “In the last week, not only tampons and infections have increased but also the curves of terapie intensive and gods hospitalizations. According to President Cartabellotta, this is due to a relationship between asymptomatic people, or those in home isolation, and the most frail and elderly people.

However, returning to the past months, “at the beginning of the summer many behaved as if the virus no longer existed”, points out the President of the Gimbe Foundation, yet at the time it was already necessary to implement strategies for strengthening epidemiological control. “What has now jumped, especially in the regions, is not the hospital situation, which in any case is starting to overload, but the territorial tracking system which must not be entrusted to hospitals but to the territory “.


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