Every woman over 30 should have tried these 5 styles of jeans

Every woman over 30 should have tried these 5 styles of jeans

With these types of jeans you dare something completely new.

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With these types of jeans you dare something completely new.

Always the same blue jeans in the closet? These 5 jeans provide variety in the wardrobe.Every woman knows the problem: Actually, we would like to try something new and be bolder with our clothes, but then the same thing ends up again classic jeans in our shopping bag.

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But that’s over now, because a lot has happened in the jeans sector in recent years – new cuts, unusual colors and different fits are trendy and can be worn by women of all ages. You should definitely include these 5 types of jeans in your wardrobe.

Comfort Fit Jeans

The ideal trousers for every dress size: The Comfort Fit Jeans are not only super casual, but also totally comfortable. Thanks to the extremely wide cut, the pants don’t pinch anywhere – that’s a promise! And the casual jeans type has one more advantage: One or the other feel-good pound is easily cheated away!

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Destroyed Jeans

Can it be a little wilder? Then these destroyed jeans are just the thing for you! The hallmark of this type of jeans: a worn look through tears, fringes or whole holes. The “destroyed” jeans are available both with close fitting skinny jeans and with looser fitting variants.

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Fleared Jeans

Juhu, the bell-bottoms are celebrating their big comeback in 2020! The casual jeans trend from the 70s is finally coming back after years of dominance of skinny jeans and makes our look elegant and super chic. And this jeans model has another advantage: it conjures up endless legs – even without high heels!

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Many women are familiar with the paperbag look of trousers, but jeans are also perfect for this type of fit. The paperbag jeans are characterized by an extremely high waistband and a belt with which the trousers are tied at the waist. This ingenious cut creates a dreamy hourglass silhouette. In addition, the legs are visually stretched.

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Jeans with frontnaht

A trend for the bold of fashion: 2020 is also the year for jeans with a front seam! The distinctive models, which often have a seam from top to bottom, make classic jeans more exciting. And the seam also has a positive side effect: it makes your legs look longer and narrower.

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