Every woman over 40 should have seen these 7 trending hairstyles

Every woman over 40 should have seen these 7 trending hairstyles

These hairstyles put you in a good mood even in winter.

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These hairstyles put you in a good mood even in winter.

Watch out, these trendy hairstyles are definitely not to be missed! Winter is approaching and in the cold season we not only lack sun and warmth, but often also good mood and motivation. This is precisely why winter offers the perfect opportunity for a new haircut to bring a little more excitement or maybe even more color into your life.

All women over 30 should check out these 5 hairstyles

However, many think that more unusual hairstyle trends are reserved only for women in their 20s. But these seven trendy hairstyles prove: cool haircuts and colors know no age!

Mermaid Waves

Feel like a mermaid for once? It’s very easy now! The mixture of beach waves, curls and wet look works best with a specially designed curling iron, but the look can also be achieved with a normal curling iron and a little sea salt spray. Simply curl your hair, then carefully comb through and finally knead it with the sea salt spray – the seductive mermaid hairstyle is ready. The style is particularly suitable for women with long hair, but the mermaid waves are also impressive with a bob!

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Bubble Ponytail

A look for everyone who likes things a little more playful: The Bubble Pontytail is THE trend hairstyle of autumn and is somewhat reminiscent of the hairstyle of a warrior. The great thing about the ponytail is that it only takes a few minutes and a couple of hair ties. First tie the hair in a deep braid and then divide the ponytail into several sections with elastic bands. If you like it a little wilder, you can fluff your hair slightly in some places.

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Ginger Brunette

This hair color mix has it all! For those who cannot decide whether they prefer to leave their hair brown or at least take the step to a red tint, the perfect middle ground has now been found with the trend color Ginger Brunette. Copper-colored highlights are worked into the already brown hair. This not only looks fresh and classy, ​​but also fits perfectly into the autumn / winter season!

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French Cut

Are you bored of a classic bob? How about the French cut, which is popular with stars like top model Kaia Gerber. The French cut often comes with a pony that has already grown out and is characterized by soft layersthat bring a lot of movement to your hair. The goal: A look that is as relaxed as possible, one that looks calm and not completely styled.

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Hairstyles with bangs: who suits the popular cut?

Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs (German: curtain pony) flatter every woman because it frames the face and gives it additional contours. The hair is parted in the middle at the front and cut in light stages and finally combed on both sides. The bangs need a certain length for the frame effect to work. Plus: the curtain bangs fit all face shapes. A real all-round talent, this pony!

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Golden Beach Hair

Peach-Hair 2.0: In spring peach-colored hair was all the rage, now the trend is getting an update – with the so-called Golden Beach Hair. The orange-red tone is combined with golden highlights – the result is a tint that will drive away your bad mood in the winter months in no time at all.

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Buzz Cut

Granted, those who dare to try the buzz cut need courage and a certain degree of radicalism, but he is rewarded with a hairstyle that is not only trendy but also very easy to style. The shaved short hair doesn’t need any extra treatment and just always looks casual. And if you are cold in winter with your short mane, you can do some of the latest hat trends use for yourself.

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