Everything the series does good (and bad) when talking about mental illness

Everything the series does good (and bad) when talking about mental illness

What shows do right (and wrong) when they talk about mental illness

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What shows do right (and wrong) when they talk about mental illness

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Mental health disorders or illnesses are, without fear of exaggeration, one of the most difficult topics to tackle in the world of training.

It is practically impossible to find a 100 percent real representation of what a person with a mental illness goes through without falling into tragedy. romanticization or fear.

Take for example depression, one of the most common ailments within the population and also one of the most represented in movies and TV.

On the one hand there is 13 Reasons Why, the controversial Netflix series that recounted in great detail the suicide of Hannah Baker and all the reasons (13) that had led her to make that decision.

Hannah Baker’s story ended up being associated with a 28.9 percent increase in suicide cases in the United States alone.

Why? Because it showed that the only possible way out to “escape” from depression was as such not to continue living.

Gallery: What Celebrities Have to Say About Mental Health (StarsInsider)

In a time where mental illness is very common, breaking the stigmas related to depression, anxiety and other disorders can be a matter of life and death. Gabrielle Union is one of the brave stars who have spoken openly about her Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome , which he developed after suffering a sexual assault at gunpoint. Now, she has told Women's Health how everything that happened in 2020, from the pandemic to the racial issues, has made her Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome stronger and how she deals with constant terror. The stars of our society have the opportunity. to make a difference. Many of them have struggled with these diseases in silence for a long time, but others have decided to speak openly about the issue (which is not easy) and help raise awareness of these very important issues. Take a look at the gallery and find out which celebrities They are fighting the stigma of mental illness and find out what the signs and symptoms are so you can join this great fight for awareness.

And it is not the only case, also did the same Jackson Maine, the character of Bradley Cooper in the acclaimed film A Star Is Born.

It is important to take care of how and from where you talk about mental health illnesses because these representations have a real impact on the lives of the people who live with them.

And they also impact how they are seen and treated by society. If with pity and fear, or with empathy and respect.

Fortunately, as with other issues such as representation of the LGBT community and the termination of pregnancy, little by little it has been improving in terms of how mental health is presented.

Bojack Horseman, a great Netflix favorite, showing how depression affects relationships and personal development, in an honest and funny way at times.

The same thing happens in Modern Love, only this time Lexi explains her struggle to manage the bipolar disorder she has dealt with since adolescence.

And more recently there is I Know This Much Is True, an HBO series in which a severe case of schizophrenia is crudely but not morbidly shown.

These series show that it IS possible to deal with mental illness responsibly while still being entertaining or interesting.

Hopefully soon more and more series are encouraged to do so.


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