Expert warns about the “whistle in the ear”, another symptom of allergies

Expert warns about the

Expert warns about the "whistle in the ear", another symptom of allergies

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Expert warns about the “whistle in the ear”, another symptom of allergies

The arrival of spring is for many people synonymous with start of allergy season, mainly due to the pollen present in the environment, with usual symptoms such as tears, redness of the eye, conjunctivitis, rhinitis or inflammation of the nasal mucosa or sneezing.

However, the speech and language pathologist Manuel Luna warned that these clinical manifestations also include the “whistle in the ear”, because “the inflammation of the nasal mucosa that, by structure, also inflames the auditory tube”.

“This hole communicates the nose with the ear, resulting in the person suffering from otitis”, details the also doctor in Fonoudiology.

Luna explains that the 42% of allergic children will present Otitis Media with Effusion (OME), which “is characterized by presence of fluid in the middle ear without signs of infection“.

This table – he adds – does not usually give such obvious symptoms, however, some indicators are autophony (when the person refers that he hears his own voice), mild decrease in hearing (mainly evident in noisy environments), feeling of a blocked ear and tinnitus (buzzing or “whistling” in the ear).

The also director of Postgraduate courses of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the San Sebastián University considered that although tinnitus -also called tinnitus- are unpleasant, “they should remit with medical treatment” and if it persists, an otolaryngologist should “study some other cause of origin”.


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