Finfisher is said to have illegally exported state Trojans

Finfisher is said to have illegally exported state Trojans

Last week, the Munich public prosecutor’s office had the premises of the spy software manufacturer Finfisher searched. Finfisher is said to have sold software to third countries without permission.

Doctorate for the state trojan Finfisher / Finspy.

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Doctorate for the state trojan Finfisher / Finspy.

A total of 15 residential and business premises belonging to the Munich-based company Finfisher were the focus of a search by the Customs Criminal Police Office. The public prosecutor’s office in Munich is investigating “suspected violations of the Foreign Trade Act against managing directors and employees of Finfisher and at least two other companies.” BR and NDR.

NGOs bring criminal charges against finfisher

The starting point of the investigation is a joint report by the Society for Freedom Rights and other organizations. The reporters accuse finfisher of exporting state Trojans without obtaining the required permits.

According to the research, Finfisher is said to have operated companies abroad through which the sales could then have been processed – including the company Raedarius M8 Limited from Malaysia, which last year sold surveillance software worth 850,000 US dollars to the Brazilian government under Jair Bolsonaro should have sold. Other associated companies are said to have been maintained in Pakistan, Dubai and Bulgaria.

In countries such as Turkey and Egypt, NGOs such as Amnesty International want to have discovered surveillance software in use and identified it as Finspy, the surveillance software Finfishers. In 2017, Finspy is said to have been used on a Turkish website to spy on opposition members. This year Amnesty International claims to have discovered the spy software in use by an Egyptian hacker group.

This is Finspy

Finspy is the core product of the manufacturer Finfisher. According to “Reporters Without Borders”, Finspy is a Trojan that can give security authorities “absolute control” over a smartphone. Because of these capabilities, the company may only sell the software within the European Union, but only after approval to non-EU countries. There should not be an export permit from the federal government.

Finspy will too from German authorities used. Because of the suspicion against finfisher that has been smoldering for a long time, Finspy’s commitment is politically controversial.

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