fire, destruction, fights between bars and repression of police

fire, destruction, fights between bars and repression of police


Thousands of protesters came this Sunday, October 18, to the Plaza Italia in Santiago to commemorate the first anniversary of the beginning of social protests in Chile demanding greater social equality. A strong fight, led by barrabravas from the U de Chile and Colo Colo, caused the first confrontations, which were followed by the destruction of public buildings, fires and looting.

Recoleta Mayor Daniel Jadue approached the place to participate in the march early on, but was pursued by the protesters, who attacked him with shoves and insults: “We did not fall for the provocation,” said the Communist Party official.

The groups of protesters had gathered in the Plaza Baquedano or Plaza Italia, which had been the epicenter of last year’s protests in Chile, a week before the historic plebiscite that will consult Chileans whether or not to change the inherited Constitution. of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).

With posters, flags, masks to prevent the coronavirus and others to deal with tear gas, the first hours of the demonstration were carried out peacefully but hours later a confrontation began between bars that were identified with the shirts of the U of Chile and Colo Colo.

A group repainted the statue of General Baquedano that dominates the square red, as had happened last Friday and after it was repainted by municipal authorities.

Meanwhile, Carabineros reported that there are five people arrested for the looting and burning of the institutional church. A group of protesters entered the compound with their faces covered, and extracted religious figures to carry out a barricade. Then they set fire to the interior of the church and the fire could be seen from different points of the city.

On the other hand, another group of people stole species in commercial premises of the sector, near the square, which last year was renamed “De la Dignidad”, by the protesters who approved the plebiscite, agreed on November 15 by the forces policies as one of the solutions to the social crisis.

The government of President Sebastián Piñera, strongly questioned since the most important crisis in 30 years of democracy began, had called for a peaceful demonstration and respecting health measures due to the pandemic, which in Chile leaves 491,760 cases and 13,635 confirmed deaths .



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