Fire in Antalya’s first apartment

Fire in Antalya's first apartment

Fire in Antalya's first apartment

Fire in Antalya’s first apartment

The fire that broke out on the 1st floor of the Yali Apartment, which is known as the first apartment of Antalya, also spread to the upstairs flat. While the fire was extinguished in a short time with the intervention of the fire department, 2 pigeons and dogs in the apartments were also saved without any damage.

The fire broke out at around 21:00 in the first floor of the 5-storey Yali Apartment located in Muratpaşa district, Gençlik Mahallesi 1317 Street, and known as the city’s first apartment. Those who saw the flame and smoke rising in the fire, which was evaluated due to the short circuit in the electrical parts, reported the situation to the police and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality fire brigades. The fire that broke out when the owner of the apartment, Worişe Açıkel, was not at home, quickly spread to the upper floor.

While the police who came to the scene took security measures around, the fire brigade intervened in the fire. With the work of the fire department, the fire was put out in a short time.

When the residents said that there were animals in the flats where the fire started, the teams entered the floors with the fire escape. Firefighters rescued a dog on the first floor where the fire started and 2 pigeons on the upstairs balcony. Firefighters cooled the 2 pigeons they rescued from the burning balcony shutters with water and took them to a safe point.

The teams continue to work to determine the exact cause of the fire.


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