First Aida cruise ship in seven months leaves with 1000 passengers

First Aida cruise ship in seven months leaves with 1000 passengers

Because of the corona pandemic, no tourists went to sea on Aida ships. The “Aidablu” is now back in the Mediterranean, the “Aidamar” is to follow in November.

In order to be allowed to ride on the

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In order to be allowed to ride on the “Aidablu”, one must be able to show a negative corona test.

The Rostock cruise line Aida Cruises has to corona-related seven-month break the travel business resumed. How Aida– Spokesman Hansjörg Kunze announced that the “Aidablu” departed late Saturday evening in Civitavecchia, Italy, for a seven-day cruise along the west coast to Sicily and back. Landings are planned in Naples, Palermo and Rome, among others.

Due to the corona protection precautions, the ship is occupied with 1000 passengers and thus less than half. The trip is on the program several times until mid-December, and there is great demand. At the beginning of November a tour with the “Aidamar” around the Canary Islands should start.

Kunze referred to the corona security package developed by the shipping company together with the authorities. A Covid 19 PCR test with a negative test result, which must not be older than three days, is a prerequisite for starting the trip. A contactless temperature measurement takes place before boarding.

For guests who were in a corona risk area before starting their journey, another Covid-19 test is carried out in the port terminal. The same safety standards would apply in the on-board restaurants as on land. When going ashore, the passengers stayed together. Anyone who moves away from the group can be denied access to the ship, explained Kunze.

In March, Aida Cruises, like the other cruise companies, stopped voyages on its 14 ships. Michael Thamm, head of the Costa Group, which includes Costa Crociere and Aida Cruises, put the losses for his company at 1.5 billion euros. The German managing director of the international industry association Clia, Helge Grammerstorf, estimates the losses in the entire industry at a double-digit billion figure.

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