First you have to know how to suffer!

First you have to know how to suffer!

Renzo Cerretti celebrated in Sunday's final for Class 3. (Photo: Turismo Pista)

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Renzo Cerretti celebrated in Sunday’s final for Class 3. (Photo: Turismo Pista)

In a final heads up with Horacio Evolo, Renzo Cerretti claimed victory in the Class 3 final at the Buenos Aires racetrack. Leandro Rama closed the podium.

The final of Class 3 started with Urrutia in the privileged position, followed by Cerretti and Riestra. Rama and Melillo completed the best five.

In the second lap, Cerretti defeated Urrutia and became the new leader. Laps later, Rama was the new third of the final, Garcia placed fourth and fifth Blasig.

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Then Urrutia went through the pits to serve a penalty and Coltrinari was the brand new fourth in the peloton. On the ninth lap, the Security Car entered.

With 11 laps, the race was relaunched and Cerretti was in the lead, escorted by Rama and Evolo, the latter finishing third after beating Blasig.

Evolo continued his advance and two laps to go, he was in the guard position. It was finally a victory for Cerretti, closely followed by Evolo. Rama came third, Coltrinari fourth and closed the best five Sniechowski.

For his part in Class 2, Maximiliano Andreis crossed the checkered flag before anyone else. Followed by Leandro Elizalde and Santiago Tambucci. Mariano Sala and José Luis Costamagna closed the top five.

In Class 1, victory went to Daniel Crevatin, followed by Nazareno Moscetta and Franco Melli. The best five were completed by Rubén Arguissain and Felipe Martini.

The next track tourism date will be November 22.


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