Five Stars, fears of a flop for a “virtual” congress

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Virginia Raggi’s candidacy for the Capitol in 2021 and the increasingly virtual process that leads to the States General at the beginning of November: in a Movement that continues to boil, these are the issues that stir the elected officials and the base.

First of all, the festival scheduled for 7-8 November. The discontent grows. There are those like MEP Piernicola Pedicini who said it publicly: “The States-General will only be a farce”, but many are beginning to have doubts, also because – according to increasingly insistent rumors – they risk being only virtual. An indirect effect of the spread of the Covid contagion that in the Movement, obviously not only for political reasons, many hope to be able to avoid. But the specter of an unparalleled face-to-face event begins to wind more and more concrete. “How will it be possible to organize a public meeting with hundreds of people in a few weeks if we are already thinking about limitations for private parties?” Reasoned an M5S parliamentarian. And he concludes: “If they are only virtual, it could be a problem for everyone.” Yes, because it is the fear that the “virtual” States-General could also be challenged from the base. And not only that they feed even more the rift between governists and rebels, with the latter complaining about the lack of direct confrontation (if not even slipping away, even if this possibility seems more unlikely).

For their part, the governors also risk seeing their project watered down of reform of the Movement without a real endorsement. There is also talk of a postponement, but the deadline set by Beppe Grillo to designate a new political leader (and therefore also having concluded the deliberative process) is set for the end of December: it would be difficult to postpone the date would lead to a resolution of the problem.

The organization currently provides virtual regional meetings. The machine for the event has started and is in the hands of Paola Taverna and Roberta Lombardi (who in the past managed the first editions of Italia 5 Stelle). “We will make them aware of the problem”, they assure the Movement, also because “nobody wants a farce effect”. And there are those who, on the other hand, are optimistic: “Perhaps a delay for superior causes will give us time to ease the tensions between us.”

But the day at the Cinque Stelle it also marks a relaxing front as regards the Raggi affair. On the one hand, the front is regrouping on his candidacy. Luigi Di Maio also continues to reiterate his full support for the mayor and the movement’s intention to keep Rome out of the agreement with the dem for the next administrations. Meanwhile, the mayor met (even with detractors) in an evening meeting on Zoom.

Raggi appeared determined to continue and addressing the assembly, he threw a bridge towards the world of entrepreneurship – “We must open ourselves to listening to the city, giving a voice to everyone: from those in most difficulty to those who create job opportunities and wealth for Rome” -, he reiterated how the M5S is compact on its encore – «We have shown that we are united. Here are Paola (Taverna, ed) and Alessandro (Di Battista, ed) to show us that the ideas and our vision of Rome unite us ». Then the mayor urged the activists to get “back on track to win the challenge of the future together.” Di Battista also supports her: “The name of Virginia Raggi and the continuation of this project is not negotiable.”

Imeanwhile, just at the moment when Rousseau is in the sights of the parliamentarians, Davide Casaleggio is preparing to launch the new Rousseau X app: «an Open Source project and has been developed with a work of several months through the collaboration of programmers and designers».


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