Fla is eyeing ex-Botafogo midfielder for 2021 Carioca

Fla is eyeing ex-Botafogo midfielder for 2021 Carioca

The football department of Flamengo is ‘on’ all the time in market opportunities to reinforce the cast, whether for the current window or next season. Even with a very qualified group, the motto behind the scenes is not to settle down and think that everything is perfect so as not to suffer heavy consequences in the future.

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Already aiming at the 2021 Carioca Championship, scheduled to start in March, Fla is eyeing a Serie B midfielder, revealed by Botafogo: it is about Gustavo Bochecha, do Youth. Player has been doing a great championship, draws attention for the technique and the physical shape. At the age of 24, the athlete managed to turn things around this season and is one of the highlights of the tournament.

Bochecha was revealed by the rival of Mengão - Photo: Getty Images

© Provided by Bolavip
Bochecha was revealed by the rival of Mengão – Photo: Getty Images

Fla’s poll on the athlete was passed by Marcus castro, red-black lawyer who has a Twitter profile. Returning to Rio de Janeiro can be an athlete’s goal and this would become a good asset for Mengão in an eventual negotiation. Youth is in fifth place and briga for a spot to rise to the national football elite next season.

After hiring medallions and starred athletes, Flamengo prioritizes strengthening itself with young talents. The idea is to have a balanced and younger squad on the bench. With the departures of Vinicius Souza and Piris da Motta, Fla lost a little options in this sector and looks with affection to try players with this profile in the domestic market.

Daniel Cabral, a jewel of the base and very promising, has not yet renewed and his father did not give any indications for this to happen either. Therefore, the Flemish board already thinks about the future and is eyeing promising athletes, who come to add to the squad.


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