Flags against coronavirus

Flags against coronavirus

Flags against coronavirus

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Flags against coronavirus

A trend is spreading between the extreme right and the extreme right of our country: to fill symbolic places with flags to “honor” the victims of the coronavirus. Go ahead my solidarity with each and every one of the victims. Now, do these acts seek to show the memory of the deceased and solidarity with their families? Because we could think, if we were wrongly thought, that what is being tried is to use each of the personal tragedies experienced as an attack on the Government of Spain, trying to turn an institutional ensign of the State like the flag into a political weapon. A flag whose colors or shield will like more or less according to each one, but that today legally represents all the inhabitants. A symbol that is important not to be used “in part”, if what is intended is that it represents unity and is above ideologies. Not many months ago we saw Angela Merkel, on stage and in the middle of a rally, tear the German ensign from the hand of one of her candidates. In Spain, fascism appropriates the flag because they identify the homeland as their private property, so a government that is not of their sign will always be anti-Spanish, illegitimate and coup. It will always seem curious to me that those who legitimize military uprisings see coups carried out with ballot boxes and democratic majorities.

The display even of the pornographic obscenity of the flag was, until not long ago, typical of the extreme right. Now, a despondent Popular Party that seems not to understand that when it behaves like Vox, it is Vox who wins, copies the strategy and a senator receives the vice president of the Government of Spain with the flag, the photo of the head of state and a huge crown like prop from his seat. Last week it was the “young people” of the Popular Party who in Elche carpeted a central square in the two-thousand-year-old city to “pay tribute” to the victims of the coronavirus. It is curious that this tribute is made from the ranks of the party of Eduardo Zaplana and Francisco Camps, two presidents who dismantled the Valencian public health system and privatized everything that was privatizable. Something similar happens in the Region of Murcia, with the exception that the same ones that have allowed the Murcian health sector to have fallen to unknown levels of precariousness since the public health system was implemented still continue in the Government.

The governments of the Popular Party in the Autonomous Communities in which it governs or has governed, have been and are champions in destroying public services. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, with the entire population confined, Fernando López Miras approved budgets that cut 30 million in hospital supplies and 27.5 million euros in medicines. Today we have, together with Madrid and Navarra, one of the worst situations in all of Spain in the spread of the virus. Moreover, López Miras took advantage of the pandemic to camouflage two decree-laws under the name of “measures to boost and reactivate the regional economy due to the health crisis” with which, for example, it allowed companies to increase by 30% polluting emissions or environmental regulations for new constructions were charged with a stroke of the pen. All aimed at caring for the health of Murcia, as you will understand perfectly.

The coronavirus pandemic was supposed to bring us together, in theory. Some of us also hoped that the positive outcome would be that those who tried to cut, privatize, outsource or dismantle public health were never again supported. The problem is that they have taken the flag hostage, and with it they cover up their dark intentions. The one who carries a flag the most does not love Spain any more, but who cares more for its people, its peoples and its future.

The best tribute that can be paid to those who have left us during the pandemic is to increase the health workforce, public investment in health and help those who are left in a vulnerable situation. The rest is just token nonsense.


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