Flared jeans are back as a trend – and ensure long legs

Flared jeans are back as a trend - and ensure long legs

Flared Jeans Trend Herbst 2020 imaxtree

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Flared Jeans Trend Herbst 2020 imaxtree

  • Flared jeans are back – and in autumn 2020 the most feminine jeans trend
  • Formerly called bell-bottoms, the model on display is also known as bootcut jeans
  • As a trend, flared jeans go perfectly with the boots of the season and create slim, long legs

In the ranks of retro jeans, which dare to approach the trend podium again in 2020, there is now the flared jeans: a pair of jeans flared from below the knee, in the 2000s mainly known as bell-bottoms and 2010 at the latest disappeared again into oblivion.

The jeans, which bring out nostalgic and embarrassing memories, are now given a new trend image as flared jeans – designer of Celine to Bottega Veneta do it.

Fashion trend: Flared jeans are the chic retro trend in autumn 2020 – and ensure long legs

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Instead of frayed hems that soak up centimeter by centimeter with water on rainy days, we think about Flared Jeans now mostly back to the 1970s, when bell-bottoms looked more like the Beatles than Britney Spears – pardon me. And when you see the flared jeans in the collections of the trend-setting designers, they appear in a whole new light.

Not because it has a certain name on it. But because flared jeans are interpreted and combined in a modern way and transported into the here and now: as a jeans trend that is not only the perfect partner for autumn boots, but also makes long legs.

Trend duo: The flared jeans go perfectly with boots – and make legs so long

The nice thing about flared jeans: The wide flare enables us to match the trend jeans with (almost) every pair Boots to combine, from ankle boots to knee-high boots. Due to the wide hem and the comparatively narrow legs, the silhouette of the wearer not only looks slim, but also beautifully feminine.

And: With a high waistband, the flared jeans visually elongate the legs and are the perfect styling partner not only for the trend boots of the season, but also for cropped knitwear and co. Elegant finish for the perfect autumn look: a classic wool coat .


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