Flared jeans are worn with these shoes or they are not

Flared jeans are worn with these shoes or they are not

It is very clear to us that for this fall / winter, the brown jeans we don’t like them, we love them! Our love for these pants goes beyond any attachment that we may feel towards mom jeans, boyfriend jeans or the always infallible skinny jeans and is that they are so flattering that any occasion is good to wear them (as long as the ideal accessories are used).

Some of the most common mistakes when wearing brown jeans they are found in the type of shoes with which they are combined. We believe that by the fact of being jeansThey can look good with any footwear, but there is nothing further from the truth, you have to be picky when selecting this important additive, as it can elevate or demolish any style.

So, What shoes go best with flared jeans? We are right here to solve the dilemma, which is not that complicated, you just have to pay attention to the details.

With booties

© Jamie Spence
Flared jeans with booties are always a very good and stylish idea.

Ankle boots with a square heel are capable of carrying a pair of brown jeans to another level. They can be in black, in riskier shades or with print animal, they are always the ideal touch for a look go from casual to casual chic. Don’t forget this is a maxim for any shoe you wear with brown jeans: do not choose models that are too short, they must cover part of your heels and, in the case of ankle boots, allow its tip to peek out.

With stilettos

Stilettos elevate any look with flared jeans.

© Christian Vierig/ Getty Images
Stilettos elevate any look with flared jeans.

Few things are more elegant than allowing your stilettos look out of your brown jeans. The legs look endless and the bell silhouette takes on a whole new meaning thanks to these shoes. The combination is always infallible, you can add a blouse or shirt of your choice to finish off the look. If you are looking for inspiration to wear this pants with stilettos, We suggest you take a tour of the Cambridge Instagram account, Kate Middleton knows very well how to master it.

Con kitten heels

The kitten heels are faithful allies of these pants.

© Christian Vierig
The kitten heels are faithful allies of these pants.

The counterpart of stilettos, its mini version, but no less sophisticated for that. Audrey Hepburn’s favorite shoes were for one simple reason: they dress a lot without subjecting your feet to hours and hours on the slope. By wearing them with Bell bottom pants, these fulfill their lengthening function without compromising comfort. The kitten heels are those shoes for those who are tempted to wear flats with jeans wide legbut they know it won’t look quite right, so a tiny heel it can make all the difference.

With tennis

For the most everyday looks: jeans + tennis.

© Vogue Mexico and Latin America
For the most everyday looks: jeans + tennis.

For those everyday outfits, where you know you’re going to walk, go up, go down. The flared jeans They are one of the most chic realities that we have seen in the last year and it is not for less, if previously it could be considered misaligned, since Celine proposed it in her Spring / Summer 2020 Pret-A-Porter season, she left with looks that we could well take to the office and yes, they consisted of flared jeans with tennis shoes.

In the street style, meanwhile, we have also seen this obsession of wear white tennis shoes, minimalist and pristine with brown jeans (hint: one of the tennis shoes that the best dressed with these wear the most pants, are the classic Adidas Stan Smith).


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