Florian Frowein: “Just one word: freedom”

Florian Frowein:

The grand finale of this year’s season of “storm of Love“take place and end with the wedding of the dream couple. This year these are Franzi Krummbiegl (Lea Wegmann, 29) and Tim Degen (Florian Frowein, 32). But what’s next for Frowein?

Storm of love: Florian Frowein: "Just one word: freedom"

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Storm of love: Florian Frowein: “Just one word: freedom”

“Storm of Love” star Florian Frowein: “When I saw you …”: First posting by his new girlfriend



In the video above, the “Storm of Love” stars Florian Frowein and Léa Wegmann gave an insight into one of the highlights of the story: “Now something happens that tops everything again.”

“Storm of Love” stars Florian Frowein & Léa Wegmann: “Now something is happening that tops everything again”



Is Florian Frowein leaving “Sturm der Liebe”?

Will he leave the show? Florian’s friend Livia Mischel wrote a few days ago: “Well, now my last days in Munich are beginning. A wonderful city with a variety of sights.” And now the actor also posted a photo with a cryptic message.

We show you the first love posting from Florian’s girlfriend in the following video: “When I saw you …”

On Instagram Frowein shared a photo of himself by the sea, he has spread his arms, his gaze is directed at the sky, he wrote: “Just one word: freedom.” The picture was taken by his girlfriend Livia. He does not give any further explanations about what has been written.

Fan of Florian Frowein about the photo: “Very nice picture of you”

The fans are definitely enthusiastic about the snapshot, so one wrote: “Enjoy the freedom and have a great vacation. A very nice picture of you.” And another commented: “It feels good not to have to do anything you don’t want to do for once. It’s called freedom. Enjoy this time.

The fans will have to wait a little longer until the end of November, then it will be finally clear whether the series favorite will leave the telenovela and leave the Fürstenhof with his dream wife Franzi. Or just move back to home in Cologne with his dream wife Livia.

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