for Barbara Pompili, “these floods will come back more and more often”

for Barbara Pompili,

The Minister for Ecological Transition believes that these natural disasters will become more frequent due to global warming.

Barbara Pompili

Barbara Pompili

Ecological Transition Minister Barbara Pompili warned on Sunday that floods similar to floods who devastated valleys in the Alpes-Maritimes would “come back more and more often” because of global warming.

“Unfortunately, we must tell the truth to everyone, it is that this kind of very heavy precipitation, these floods will come back more and more often because of global warming, everywhere”, declared the minister on CNews.

On October 2, deadly floods devastated mountainous valleys in the Alpes-Maritimes, north of Nice and Menton, killing at least 6 people.

Video: Macron: state of natural disaster for 55 municipalities in the Alpes-Maritimes (AFP)

Macron: state of natural disaster for 55 municipalities in the Alpes-Maritimes



This kind of flooding “is going to increase, so let’s be ready and put in place the elements to anticipate”, continued Barbara Pompili.

Extreme rain episodes

The floods of October 2 had been “anticipated because Météo-France had predicted that there would be flooding, and therefore we were able to shelter people, and limit the number of deaths – unfortunately there were too many”, she pointed out.

With global warming, these episodes of extreme rains (known as “Mediterranean episodes”), linked to upwelling of hot and humid air from the Mediterranean, risk becoming more and more intense. According to Météo-France, since the beginning of the 1960s, we can already observe an increase in the frequency of the most violent episodes, in particular those exceeding the threshold of 200 mm in 24 hours.

Addressing the disaster victims, the Minister stressed that the natural disaster decree for 55 municipalities would make it possible to “launch the procedures for insurance”.

“The State is at their side, it will remain so,” she assured.


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