For her glow, she only trusts one particular bronzer

For her glow, she only trusts one particular bronzer

She only trusts one product for her glow

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She only trusts one product for her glow

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She is an all-rounder: Selena Gomez (28) is not only a world-famous singer and actress, but also a successful model, voice actress and film producer. Already at the tender age of ten she was in front of the camera for Disney productions, with the role of Alex Russo in the series “The Magicians of Waverly Place” she achieved her final breakthrough.

Looking perfect and having beautiful skin has been part of her business since she was a child, but it wasn’t long ago that she didn’t worry about it at all: “When I was younger, I didn’t really take care of my skin because I just didn’t know any better. Only in the past few years have I started to take care of them and have understood how important that is, “said Selena Gomez in an interview with” “.

A trademark of the native Texan is her radiant glow – but how does she get that? She has now revealed: with him Hoola bronzer from the Benefit brand.

Barbados out of the box: The Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Who doesn’t want to look like he’s just come back from vacation? With the Hoola bronzing powder from Benefit that’s not a problem at all. The beauty company, which is based in San Francisco, knows everything about the right complexion. Since the 1970s she has specialized in not only creating beautiful make-up products for all skin types, but also a touch of the American West Coast feeling – the Hoola Bronzer fits perfectly with this sunny, light attitude to life.

Selena Gomez can confirm this: “If you take care of your skin, you also take care of your body, your mind, your soul – because I think that everything is connected.” That’s why the actress now has a regular make-up routine, which in addition to good face cream, sun cream, foundation, liquid blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, luminizer, mascara and lip gloss also includes the Benefit Hoola Bronzer includes.

Hoolas bronzing powder: subtle tan with a hint of gold

The is in four wonderful colors Benefit Hoola Bronzer available, including a medium brown bronzing powder called Hoola Caramel and a dark brown bronzener called Hoola Toasted. What they all have in common is that they give an extremely subtle tan with a hint of gold. The practical mini sizes are also perfect for the handbag so that the Benefit Hoola Bronzer is always at hand when traveling and at appointments.

Selena Gomez swears by the Bronzener and is certain: “Make-up is like an accessory that simply underlines your actual beauty.”

The scope of delivery not only includes the bronzing powder in a pretty box, which makes you want to sun, beach and sea, but also a practical integrated mirror. An accompanying brush with natural bristles is also included and can be easily stowed in the box.

Whether normal box or mini edition – the Benefit Hoola Bronzer conjures up the perfect glow on your face at home or on the go.

Clear purchase recommendation: “The best bronzer I’ve ever had”

The customers are from that Hoola Bronzer from Benefit inspire and love its compact texture, which easily covers and has a matt effect. The beauty company deliberately avoided glittering particles and reddish pigments in order to guarantee a natural look. This is exactly what buyers appreciate. For example, reviewers on “” write comments such as “Nice cool, matt bronzer. Not orange or reddish” and “The color is nice brown, the face looks like it has been kissed by the sun! Color is not orange or too strong, simple Perfect!”

And other customers love it too Benefit Hoola Bronzing-Puder and express their praise. “Bought a good week ago and I use it every day. The shade is great because it isn’t too dark even for lighter skin tones and if you’re a little tanned, it’s not too light. It has great coverage and you don’t need much “, it says in another review. One writes what many think: “It is the best bronzer I have ever had. It is not too strong and can also be veneered very well. I can really recommend the bronzer to everyone!”

Quick and easy: How to use the Hoola Bronzer

You don’t have to do much for the beautiful natural glow à la Selena Gomez: use the enclosed natural bristle brush to pick up some of the bronzing powder – simply knock off any excess powder – and dust your face. Above all, the forehead, cheeks and chin should be accentuated a little more. Your face will be given extra contour if you use a blush brush for the cheekbones when applying the Benefit Hoola Bronzer using. If you don’t want to do without foundation – for example a face primer – you can apply it before the bronzing powder.

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