For Kicillof, “it is not fair play to measure people in the street” when care is requested

For Kicillof,

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The Peronist governors formed another of the sectors that joined the commemoration for October 17, with different activities in the provinces and unified messages through social networks.

The Buenos Aires native Axel Kicillof stressed that yesterday was “a day of union, of sharing dreams and desires.” In his case, he accompanied President Alberto Fernández at noon on a visit to Martín García Island, where Juan Domingo Perón was illegally detained and later participated in person in the act at the CGT, along with his peers Juan Manzur ( Tucumán), Sergio Uñac (San Juan), Mariano Arcioni (Chubut), Raúl Jalil (Catamarca), Sergio Ziliotto (La Pampa) and Gustavo Bordet (Entre Ríos).

Juan Schiaretti, Alberto Rodríguez Saá, Alicia Kirchner, Omar Perotti, Gildo Insfrán and Hugo Passalacqua accompanied them in the distance, who appeared live on the giant screens that made up the CGT scenography.

Kicillof defined himself as “a recovered son of Peronism”, recalling that he began “military in high school, which coincided with the beginning of democracy and the end of the dictatorship.” In an interview he related that “I did not come from a Peronist family, but I was never an anti-Peronist, even during the Menemism period, which I fought because I never associated it with the original Peronist tradition. When Néstor takes office, in his speech he lays the foundations of what is going to be a greening of this historical movement ”, he recalled.

Like the opposition, with the successive “flags” that it carried out in the midst of the pandemic, Peronism had to adapt the traditional mobilization of October 17 and manifested itself from the cars that populated downtown Buenos Aires. In this context, Kicillof acknowledged that “it is a first year of government very affected by this situation, very complex, we cannot express ourselves as we always did.” As he commented, “this year, those of us who are aware of the danger, we are taking care of people and we are taking care of ourselves. It is not ‘fair play’ to measure people in the street when the most important political force in Argentina is asking that people take care of themselves, “he said in direct allusion to the opposition.

For his part, the Formosan governor Insfrán, who presides over the National Congress of the PJ, judged that “in times of pandemic the principles of unity, organization and solidarity that Perón taught us are more necessary than ever. Just as 75 years ago the Argentine people united to change history, today we must be united to protect the life and health of each compatriot ”, he said.

Capitanich, meanwhile, led a cyberact at the headquarters of the PJ in Resistencia, with a good part of the local leadership that participated for Zoom, and in an extensive speech made a historical review of the rights enshrined by Peronism and proposed a programmatic agenda of 10 points.

“Peronism is the popular sectors postponed for decades, social rights, the female vote, the incorporation of youth in politics. It is the square, General Perón on the balcony, Eva’s vibrant voice. Peronism is in our hearts ”, Governor Bordet posted on Twitter, shortly before participating in the act at the CGT to accompany Alberto Fernández”.


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