For the vice president of the Central, “the people who bet on the peso always lost”

For the vice president of the Central,

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After the new economic measures announced and after rumors that warned about savings in dollars and the risk of a playpen, the vice president of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), Sergio Woyecheszensaid that savings in dollars were never in doubt since “the system is solid for that.”

Along these lines, he stressed that “today the dollars are there and the mismatch of the currency as it happened in 2001 does not make any sense. There is no point in thinking about a corralito and it was not considered at any time.”

Later, in consultation with Luis Novaresio in Radio La Red Due to the saving culture of the North American currency in Argentina, the economist affirmed: “The people who bet on the peso, your grandparents, my old men, us, always lost.”

Miguel Pesce promised a “jump”: the official dollar rises and the “solidarity” one trades at $ 134

For the second of Miguel Pesce, the measures taken were “defensive” measures and now the national government in conjunction with the Central Bank is moving into an “offensive” stage that has to do with reorienting monetary policy on the one hand and changing towards what we understand may be a new post-pandemic normality, but trying to generate incentives for the dollar to be offered. Both by the market for small savers and with the rise in interest rates that seek to discourage some behaviors that we have been having and, among other things, liquidate exports that are connected the announcements that the Government made yesterday regarding the retentions “.

And he added: “We hope that the defensive issues are more or less resolved and we continue to arm the medium so that, if the pandemic leaves us, we land in a new normal soon.”

Woyecheszen spoke of the rate hike, one of the measures they announced this Thursday: “A person who bought $ 100 in the 70s and saved it, at the end of 2019 had $ 100. One who sold his $ 100, changed them to local currency and put them on a fixed term, and he was moving it from bank to bank, when at the end of last year he went with all his pesos to buy dollars, he could only buy USD 60. The people who bet on the peso, your grandparents, My parents, we, always lost. This year we have been making a great effort so that those who bet on a fixed term begin to beat inflation and that is why they are working on instruments that must be taken care of. ”

Regarding the reserves, the official pointed out that they are currently around the $ 42 billion.



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