Ford’s first steps towards electric mobility

Ford's first steps towards electric mobility

Ford TH! NK: Ford's first steps towards electric mobility

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Ford TH! NK: Ford’s first steps towards electric mobility

When we think of the electric mobilityIt gives us the feeling that it is something that manufacturers have been working with for a short time; but it’s not like that. And is that Ford, a brand that is beginning to establish this type of mechanics in the market, already flirted with electric cars at the beginning of the century through Ford TH!NK, a very curious little utility.

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TH!NK It was a parallel company conceived by Ford that had two objectives: to advance electric mobility and to develop new technologies. But one of its most curious products was the Ford Th! Nk, a car of restrained dimensions that relied on an electric motor.

Ford TH! NK: an electric utility designed for the city

And is that if we thought that the Ford Ka was small we assure you that he TH! NK will surprise you. It was a two-seater utility focused mainly on facing the urban world. Front-wheel drive, 2.99 meters long and 940 kilos of weight… Everything you need to be the fastest and most agile in the city.

Behind this undeniable appearance of a key car, we find a mechanical section that is not too far from what a small electric car offers today. A liquid-cooled, three-phase induction electric motor was in charge of producing 45 CV.

Furthermore, the engineers 19 nickel-cadmium batteries were installed in the Ford TH! NK water-cooled capable of delivering 11.5 kW. These could be charged by means of a 220 V socket and obtaining 100% of their capacity implied 8 hours, while reaching 80% only required 5 hours.

Claus Ableiter (Wikipedia)

© Provided by Periodismo del Motor
Claus Ableiter (Wikipedia)

Declared a range of 85 kilometers and it was capable of reaching 90 km / h top speed. Plus, you could do 0-50 in 7 seconds, not bad for a 20-year-old electric vehicle.


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