Forgotten concept – Renault Zoom (1992)

Forgotten concept - Renault Zoom (1992)

Renault Zoom (1992)

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Renault Zoom (1992)

It is the story of a concept that could be folded up to park anywhere.

In the early 90s, builders introduced various concepts small city dwellers. In 1991, VW showed the Chico which gave birth to the Lupo. In 1994, the first sketches of the small Smart appeared and a year later, Opel caused a sensation with the Maxx.

The Renault Zoom has surfed this wave, and contrary to the concepts we have cited, the Zoom is little known these days. It was presented for the first time in 1992 at the Paris Motor Show.

The Zoom of Renault was driven by a 45 kW (61 hp) 90% recyclable electric motor. It was to be the queen of cities, like the Smart which was launched soon after. Renault engineers have thought of everything, even the doors of the Zoom opened in an elytron so that the two passengers could get on and off even when their car was parked in a very tight spot.

The little Renault also wanted to charm customers with its technological content. Indeed, between the two seats, there was a telephone and even a Carminat GPS system at the console. Alas, the Zoom was never produced, but we can consider that the Renault Twizy launched in 2011, its direct descendant.

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