Foundation E invites entrepreneurs to participate in World Innovation Series

Foundation E invites entrepreneurs to participate in World Innovation Series

Fundación E is a social company founded by the communication scientist Samuel González 20 years ago that is dedicated to promoting the entrepreneurial culture in young people, and together with the MaryKay company, they have launched the call to participate in the 2020 World Innovation Series presented by the Network for Entrepreneurship Education (NFTE)

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González, president of Fundación E, commented in an interview with M2 that in this global competition, the foundation seeks to “empower, encourage and motivate” young people between 13 and 14 years old who have innovative projects to develop them, and it also seeks “promote the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in the 2030 agenda”.


The global call to participate is open to all young Mexican entrepreneurs between 13 and 24 years old, whether they are linked to an institution or not (you do not need to be a student). You can participate individually or in teams of up to four people.

The World Series will include several categories that include responsible production and consumption as one of the most anticipated in Mexico (which is the only participating Spanish-speaking country), but not the only one.

“We are particularly encouraging the issue of recycling, reuse and responsible consumption. And we are directly launching a scholarship program to teach them how we can reuse clothing, “said González.

To participate you can enter the foundation’s website clicking here. On this page you can also analyze in detail the particular characteristics of each category.

It is worth mentioning that the projects must be presented in English, but as stated by the president of the E Foundation, it will provide free advice at each stage of the tender so that the proposals are sent correctly.

How will the winner be chosen in each category?

Each category is sponsored by a special company, because as González stated, the project seeks to “involve a group of organizations, private companies so that they give us sponsorships that can reward young people.”

Thus, the companies are the ones that will evaluate the participating projects and will choose as winners three in each category, who will receive cash prizes awarded by said companies.

“The first place receives 1,500 dollars, the one that finishes in second place receives 600 dollars and the third place receives 300 dollars,” the announcement reads.


Given the current health conditions, the award will be a virtual event that will take place in March 2021, and the prizes will be deposited to each of the winners.

Regarding the development of innovation projects, the president of the organization said that “those who decide to continue with their projects, we give them advice in the development of their project, but that is already agreed to the winner because that also depends on whether they want to continue. “

Regarding the importance of participating in these World Series of Innovation, González said that “we need to add together and together to build a better country and we must begin to think about a better world given the lessons that this 2020 leaves us.”



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