Four dead in an accident on a construction site in Upper Bavaria

Four dead in an accident on a construction site in Upper Bavaria

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Tragic accident in the Bavarian town of Denklingen (Lrk. Landsberg am Lech): On Friday (October 16, 2020) several men died while working on a construction site in a new building area. “It is a particularly terrible event that the rescue workers found,” said Andreas Aichele from the Upper Bavaria North Police Headquarters. Around 11 a.m. at the time of the accident, four workers were carrying out concrete work on a ceiling that was supposed to connect two company buildings. For a previously unclear cause, the formwork of the ceiling collapsed completely and tore the men off the scaffolding around five meters into the depth. Heavy debris fell on the workers. “There was a big heap of rubble with a lot of fresh concrete. At first it was not really clear what happened,” said Christian Gleich, commander of the Denklingen fire brigade, describing the situation immediately after the arrival. The alarmed rescue workers were only able to rescue two of the men dead. Resuscitation had to be aborted unsuccessfully for two others. The youngest fatality was just 16 years old, a worker 34 and two other deceased colleagues 37 years old. Another 57-year-old worker who was next to the scaffolding was slightly injured. “The people were known to some comrades, so how to deal with them is another matter for you personally,” said Gleich. A crisis intervention team was at the scene of the accident to take care of the relatives who said goodbye to their loved ones. “As mayor, I will do everything I can to support the families, the community has recently shown that we stick together,” said Andreas Braunegger, 1st mayor of the community of Denklingen. It is still completely unclear why exactly the accident happened. The police have started the investigation. In cooperation with the trade supervisory office, the trade association and an expert, investigations are currently taking place at the accident site. An autopsy of the four killed is scheduled for the beginning of next week.


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