Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch criticizes Trump and believes in Biden’s victory

Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch criticizes Trump and believes in Biden's victory

Media mogul, who supported Donald Trump, believes the American president's greatest enemy is himself -

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Media mogul, who supported Donald Trump, believes the American president’s greatest enemy is himself –

With only 18 days to go United States presidential elections, the advantage of Joe Biden on Donald Trump is 11 percentage points, according to an election poll published by WSJ / NBC last Thursday, 15. In addition to this huge advantage, approximately 17 million voters have already cast their votes by post, a prerogative that many Americans use to avoid contamination by the new coronavirus. This dynamic favors Biden’s candidacy even more, but it is always necessary to remember that the final count is the number of delegates per state. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won in absolute votes, but lost in the division by states. Even so, the management of the coronavirus pandemic itself works in favor of the Democratic candidate. The latest chapter in this story involves the powerful Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who owns the Fox News news network, considered an ally of the president. In messages sent to associates – according to the American website The Daily Beast – he reportedly said he was disgusted with the way Trump deals with the pandemic and that the greatest enemy of the American president is himself.

Despite the proximity to the White House, the relationship between Trump and Murdoch has always been surrounded by conflict. The president has already accused Fox News of doing negative coverage of himself, causing the ire of the news channel owner, who would have even considered supporting a Democratic candidate in the party’s primaries, also businessman Michael Bloomberg. In 2015, Murdoch said on Twitter that Trump “Shames the country all”. People close to them say the two haven’t spoken in weeks, precisely after Trump’s harsh criticism of Fox News. Now, the Australian would be convinced that Biden will prevail in the elections on the 3rd, and that the US population would already be prepared for a “sleepy” Democrat government, even if he publicly denies such claims.

If, on the one hand, television coverage bothers Trump, the same cannot be said about the New York Post, the tabloid run by Rupert Murdoch. Last Wednesday, the front page report attacked the Democratic candidate with the disclosure of alleged e-mails found on a computer left on a service desk in the state of Delawere – where the candidate’s family resides – that would prove Hunter Biden , Joe’s son, reportedly introduced a Ukrainian executive to the then US vice president with the aim of interfering in the 2016 elections. A series of inconsistencies in the report, such as the disclosure of the alleged e-mails in the form of an image, preventing analysis of metadata and the dubious responses of the owner of the store where the computer was found, who at first said he had sought out the Federal Investigation Department (FBI) to report the case and then said that the investigators went to him, made networks like Facebook and Twitter block the release of the New York Post report on the grounds that the material cit contained sufficient elements that showed misinformation and a possible breach of privacy.

In an editorial published shortly thereafter, the newspaper itself claimed that Facebook “entered the pro-Biden field”, and that the image of the company led by Mark Zuckerberg as a neutral social network has ended. The official account of the Trump campaign was suspended after sharing a video about the New York Post report. The president himself stated that “iThis will all end in a big process, and there are things that can happen that are very serious and that I would prefer not to happen, but they will probably happen ”, he concluded. On Friday afternoon, 16, Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, backed down by saying that “blocking the sharing of links by tweet or message, with zero context on the reasons for the block, was unacceptable.” The network will no longer remove content from hacked material, only if it has been published by the hackers themselves. Twitter will only use the already existing “dubious publications” tool, which has already been used to alert users to Trump’s potentially misleading tweets.

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