From now on we are wearing winter nails

From now on we are wearing winter nails

Still looking for a suitable nail design for autumn / winter? How about some winter nails! We have some great inspirations

We are now wearing istockphoto winter nails

© istockphoto
We are now wearing istockphoto winter nails

In addition to fashion, there is another thing that we almost always adapt to the current season: our nails. While we usually prefer a striking and bright nail design for them in spring / summer, we prefer to wear them in subtle and darker colors in autumn / winter. But if that is getting boring for you or you just feel like doing something new, then we have a new trend for you: Winter nails!

This is how we wear the winter nails

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If you like reindeer, Santa Clauses and Co. like on the Ugly Sweatern fear we can reassure you. Because trendy winter nails are nowhere near as kitschy as you might think. A variant of how you can make your nails wintery, for example, is with a silver nail polish and gold stars. Simply paint the nail completely with the silver color and distribute gold nail stickers in a star shape on it. Tip: To make sure the stickers stick, paint the nails with a transparent top coat.

Alternatively, you can paint your nails in different shades of red, as we already know with pastel shades from summer.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to do without glitter in winter, you can make your nails sparkle in a stylish way by first painting the nail with a light base coat and then covering half of it with glitter.


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