Fux marks Chico Rodrigues’ departure analysis for October 21

Fux marks Chico Rodrigues' departure analysis for October 21

Minister Luiz Fux, of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) decided, this Friday (October 16, 2020), to analyze the order of removal of Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR), from the mandate, for 90 days. The case will be brought to the plenary of the Court on October 21.

Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR) was spotted with money hidden in his underwear in a Federal Police operation

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Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR) was spotted with money hidden in his underwear in a Federal Police operation

The order of removal was defined by Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, on Wednesday (14.out), when the senator was the target of a police operation that investigates the embezzlement of funds from the Roraima Health Department. The congressman is suspected of participating in the alleged fraud.

This Friday, Barroso decided to ask Fux to take the decision to be analyzed by the other ministers, although he recognizes that he would not need to be endorsed by colleagues to proceed with the case. Despite this, even if the Court considers the removal valid, Rodrigues will only temporarily lose his mandate if the Senate approves it.

Understand the situation

Senator Chico Rodrigues is investigated for alleged embezzlement. On Wednesday (14.out.2020), he was caught hiding about R $ 15,000, in cash, in his underwear. Federal police officers realized the situation while executing a search and seizure warrant against the congressman.

Despite the act, Rodrigues was not arrested. This is because the police could not claim that the amount seized was obtained from the investigated deviations. In addition, the congressman has parliamentary immunity and can only be arrested if he is the target of 1 heinous crime.

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