GE Servette loses feathers against the Lakers

GE Servette loses feathers against the Lakers

The Genevans dominated, led, but lost in overtime.

Roman Cervenka scored the winning goal for Rapperswil against Geneve-Servette in extra time.

Roman Cervenka scored the winning goal for Rapperswil against Geneve-Servette in extra time.

After the slap (8-1) inflicted with the manner in Langnau, GE Servette tried to start again on the same bases. But Rapperswil is not a designated victim and has a decisive goalkeeper in her goal.

During a first third largely dominated (9 shots to 4) by the Eagles, Melvin Nyffeler made several breathtaking saves. The pretty offensive movements of the Garnet have always found the leg or the mitten of the last Saint-Gallois rampart.

At the other end of the ice, his counterpart Gauthier Descloux was almost reduced to technical unemployment. The few very rare movements orchestrated against by Roman Cervenka never really endangered the goalkeeper of the Eagles who spent an extremely peaceful first “twenty”.

Winnik released on facial injury

The domination of his teammates found a taker in the second power play offered to the Eagles. And it is Denis Smirnovs, back in favor on the power-play and in the alignment who took again the puck after a rebound granted by Nyffeler on a shot of Eric Fehr well launched by Linus Omark.

Note that the young Latvian with Swiss license had taken the place of Daniel Winnik, left with an injury (cut to the face) just before. This opening of the scoring, it could not be more logical at that time, had the gift of waking up – a little – the Lakers. In the 34th, Clark failed alone against Descloux, Imperial of the leg. Less than two minutes later, Simon Le Coultre saw his shot hit the post at the conclusion of another period of in the scalp in the offensive zone.

While Geneva should have taken off, he took the direction of the penalty bench 14 seconds from the second siren since Linus Omark and Damien Riat were punished on the same action, offering two minutes full of double numerical superiority to the strongmen. by Jeff Tomlinson.

Cervenka settles the case

With Clark, Egli, Sobotka or Rowe and Eggenberger, the Saint-Gallois have something to be effective. During 1’46 ”, they stumbled over Gauthier Descloux. And what the St. Gallen failed to do with two more men, they did five to five. Igor Jelovac fired an unstoppable shot to equalize.

A goal that had the gift of galvanizing the “reds” who almost pocketed the entire stake during a last epic power-play during which the four Genevans skated 2 full minutes! One point in each camp. And the third which was played after 37 seconds. And an action concluded by the specialist in the extension: Roman Cervenka.

Lakers – GE Servette 2-1 ap (0-0 0-1 1-0)

SGKB Arena. 3237 spectators

Referees: MM Borga and Nikolic; Dreyfus / Ambrosetti.

Buts: 25e Smirnovs (Fehr, Omark / à 5c4) 0-1. 43e Jelovac (Profico, Dünner) 1-1. 61e Cervenka (Egli) 2-1.SCRJ

Lakers: Nyffeler; Vulovic, Dufner; Jelovac, Profico; Egli, Sataric; Randegger; Maier; Lehmann, Rowe, Eggenberger; Lhotak, Dünner, Wick; Clark, Sobotka, Cervenka; Schweri, Ness, weather. Entraîneur: Tomlinson.

GE Servette: Descloux: Jacquemet, Tömmernes; Karrer, Maurer; Mercier, Le Coultre; Smons; Smirnovs, Fehr, Winnik; Riat, Vermin, Omark; Moy, Richard, Rod; Patry, Berthon, Vouillamoz; Kast. Coach: Pat Emond.

Penalties: 4×2 against Lakers. 3×2 ‘against GE Servette

Notes: Rapperswil without Payr, Moses, Loosli (injured) or Forrer (supernumerary). GE Servette without A. Riat, Völlmin, Miranda (wounded) and Fritsche (supernumerary). 25th, cut in the face, Daniel Winnik returns to the locker room and reappears in the 41st. 36th and 47th shot on the post of Le Coultre.


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