GE Servette loses his hockey against Ambri

GE Servette loses his hockey against Ambri

The Eagles conceded an unexpected setback against Ticinese who did not steal anything.

The Genevans fell to their knees against the Ticino.

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The Genevans fell to their knees against the Ticino.

The Eagles entered the match as they had finished the day before in Zurich, where they had made a comeback before winning on penalties. They put insane pressure on a team of Ambri, rolled in front of their home crowd by Rapperswil. The Ticinese had stuck more than five hours of travel and presented themselves on the ice of Vernets with a wheelbarrow full of injured players. Luca Cereda could only field two foreign players. For ten minutes, we thought that the visitors’ evening was going to be very complicated in front of the artists associated with Pat Emond. It was even a nightmare that was emerging when Jannick Fischer was logically sent back to the locker room for a foul charge against the gang.

Rather than punishing his opponent and translating his domination by opening the scoring, this is the moment that the Eagles have chosen to start fishing out of pride and thwarting. Once the storm passed, the Leventins took advantage of a numerical superiority, the 2nd of this first period, to open the mark. Marco Müller concluded with a shot on reception a nice drawing by Michael Fora and Dominic Zwerger. Not enough to cry scandal because before that, the Ticino had already spared two or three very big goal chances perfectly dismissed by Daniel Manzato, tenured against his former teammates.

Box-play liabilities

The first break didn’t really put GE Servette back on track. Passive in box play, the Eagles conceded the 2-0 with one man less. Same penalty in the 35th with Matt D’Agostini at the finish. What to give two steps ahead to the visitors since Tanner Richard had reduced the score in the 30th. Drafts and nervous, like a Linus Omark not on his plate, the Eagles had the merit of not giving up. Just before the second break, Noah Rod could convert a superb pass from Tömmernes. Starting the final half on the power play was a golden opportunity to equalize. But as throughout a painful evening, the Eagles will have confused speed and haste in the last twenty minutes to allow Ambri to pick three points that are not a hold-up.


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