George Harrison guitar sells for R $ 1.7 million

George Harrison guitar sells for R $ 1.7 million

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The guitar used by George Harrison in the Beatles’ “White Album” was sold for R $ 1.7 million (£ 237,000) at an auction in England. The instrument, a rare Bartell fretless, was made in 1967, the same year that it reached the musician’s hands.

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According to the auction house Bonhams, the piece remained in Harrison’s collection until 1984, when it was presented to guitarist Ray Russell. He worked with ex-Beatles on music for a film, “Water”.

Many believe that this guitar was also used by John Lennon during an interview in 1968 at the famous Abbey Road studios in London. The instrument was even featured on the BBC’s “Antiques Roadshow” program, where it was authenticated by experts who believe George used Bartell on at least two songs on the disc.

George’s guitar was sold at the same auction where Ian Curtis of Joy Division’s Vox Phantom VI was purchased by a collector for R $ 916,000 (162,000 pounds).


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