Germany closes the hospitality industry for a month, but will contribute 75% of the revenues of November 2019

Germany closes the hospitality industry for a month, but will contribute 75% of the revenues of November 2019

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The pandemic coronavirus does not stop and the advance of infections in the second wave is forcing each country to take more severe and restrictive measures to try to stop the cases. The last to establish new restrictions have been France Y Germany. The latter has also announced important aid to SMEs already autonomous.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, appeared on Wednesday to defend the need to act “now” to prevent the health system from being overwhelmed in the country. “We have to act and we have to act now“, he said.” If infections continue to grow at this rate, we will be at the limit of the capacity of our health system, “he warned.

In this way, Merkel, who has stated that “in spring” they managed to “flatten the curve” and now know that they have to “reduce the number of contacts again”, has reported that will close all restaurants, bars, clubs, discos, pubs and similar establishments from next Monday, November 2 and throughout the month.

This restriction excludes the services of delivery and collection of meals take-out and canteens operation.

The decision is included within the framework of the new package of measures to stop the second wave of covid-19, which also includes restrictions for the shops, which will remain open.

Stores, educational centers, schools and nurseries will remain open

In this case, the stores will have a reduced capacity to one customer for every ten square meters of the premises, more restrictive conditions in the case of hairdressers, which must comply with severe hygiene measures. Meanwhile, the beauty and tattoo centers will have to close their doors starting Monday.

In relation to educational centers, schools and nurseries, they will remain open. However, new health and safety protocols must be introduced.

“Unacceptable” private meetings

Likewise, Merkel has considered private meetings “unacceptable”, since, it has continued, it is where most of the contacts take place. For this reason, the Government is expected to limit outdoor gatherings to members of just two households.

Another of the sectors affected will be tourism. The Chancellor has announced that stay in hotel establishments is prohibited unless for “essential” reasons.

We do not want to introduce any border control beyond the controls that exist between Bavaria and Austria, but we want more vigilance through flight searches, “he continued.

Furthermore, leisure activities in theaters, operas, concert halls and similar facilities are “considerably” restricted, fairs, cinemas, amusement parks, swimming pools, saunas and thermal baths and entertainment events are prohibited.

What helps Germany offers to companies

One of the most outstanding measures of the German Executive is the help it will offer to companies. As Merkel assured in her intervention on Wednesday, the companies hardest hit by the new restrictions will receive financial aid for a total amount of 10,000 million euros.

In addition, those companies that have up to 50 employees, as well as the autonomous, they will receive the 75% of losses, in relation to the figures for the same period in 2019. In the case of the largest companies, these will be subject to the assistance rules of the European Union, which will be based on the results obtained in November of last year.

Angela Merkel

© Provided by Vozpópuli
Angela Merkel

The German government plans to extend aid for SMEs until mid-2021, despite the fact that initially they were going to be in force until the end of this year.

Confinement in France

On the other hand, the worrying data from covid-19 in France have driven a new confinement from this Friday until next December 1, in principle, as the president communicated this Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron, after the failure of the curfew installed two weeks ago.

However, as the French leader has explained, the new confinement will be more flexible than the tax in the month of March, since the schools will remain open -the universities, on the contrary, will have to opt for distance learning-, the work will continue as long as it is possible and the nursing homes will allow visits.

The State will continue to provide massive aid to small companies affected with up to 10,000 euros per month for their loss of turnover ”

Yes, restaurants, bars and shops will close depending on how the virus evolves. In this way, in 15 days the measure will be studied again to see if it is possible to reopen certain establishments, when the important Christmas season approaches.

Unlike last March, Yes you can travel to other European countries, since now the internal borders of the European Union will remain open, while the exteriors will be closed. Of course, all travelers who arrive in France will be tested.

French aid to companies and the self-employed

In the case of companies and freelancers, Macron has announced that employees and employers will continue to benefit from partial unemployment.

“It will be announced a special plan for freelancers, merchants and SMEs“, he said, to add that the State will continue to provide massive aid to small businesses affected with” until 10,000 euros per month for your loss of billing. ”

The objective of this new confinement, Macron has stressed, is to go from the current average de 40,000 infections daily of coronavirus at 5,000.


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