Gifted! He is 12 years old and studies space engineering at the university

 Gifted! He is 12 years old and studies space engineering at the university

Caleb learned to read since he was 1 year old.

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Caleb learned to read since he was 1 year old.

Caleb Anderson, a boy from a town in the state of Georgia, returned a few weeks ago to the 2nd year of college where he is studying space engineering.Since I have a year, I always wanted to be an astronaut ”, the little 12-year-old assured FOX 5.

His parents, Claire and Kobi Anderson, decided to enroll him in college, seeing that school bored him and did not present any challenge. After completing the necessary paperwork, Caleb took the entrance exam at Chattahoochee Technical College. “You needed a maximum of 300 points and he got 275,” said his mother.

Regarding his presence at the university, the child claims to feel comfortable and at ease with the academic environment. “They don’t see me as abnormal, but they consider me like a student more ”, maintained Caleb and, at the same time, said that he loves to collect Beyblades, a line of Japanese toys from one of his favorite anime cartoons.

His family does not consider this to be a strange situation either. In fact, in a newspaper interview USA TodayHer parents said that surely there are many children like yours who simply do not have the same opportunities. “When they are little they have a lot of innate potential. We must encourage this and expose them to different stimuli so that they find what they are most interested in, “explained Kobi Anderson.

Work with Elon Musk

Caleb showed signs of his ability a month after he was born when he began to imitate the sound of some words. His mother taught him sign language and by six months he was able to carry on a conversation. The Andersons said At 2 years old, the little one could read the United States Constitution.

The child’s long-term goal is to graduate from college and then earn a bachelor’s degree. From there, his dream is to enter the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and also do an internship at Elon Musk’s company.

Caleb is the oldest of the 3 Anderson children, who are also in the school’s gifted program. According to his parents, the oldest is verbally gifted who can quickly learn other languages; her 8-year-old brother Aaron excels at numbers, and the youngest, 7, named Hannah, is excellent at putting together puzzles.

When USA Today Asked Claire and Kobi what advice they would give to other parents to encourage their children, they said they “can start by celebrating academic achievements as much as sports are celebrated.”

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