Giulia Be explodes in international playlists with Inolvidable, Spanish version of the partnership with Luan Santana

Giulia Be explodes in international playlists with Inolvidable, Spanish version of the partnership with Luan Santana

Giulia Be Bomba with Spanish Single

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Giulia Be bomb with Spanish single

Singers Giulia Be and Luan Santana presented in a special live, this Friday, October 9th, the clip of “Unforgettable”, partnership of the duo launched today on all digital platforms. The clip’s debut took place on the “YouTube Premier” of the singer’s official channel, with a chat mediated by the influencer and humorist Gkay.

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“Unforgettable” was produced by Paul Ralphes and the same team that worked on the EP “drop”, with mixing by Jean Rodriguez and finishing by Colin Leonard of SING masters, who also mastered hits like “WAP” of Cardi B, “YHLQMDLG” Bad Bunny and “Brown Skin Girl” Beyoncé.

On the choice of Luan Santana for the duet Giulia revealed: “in my opinion Luan is the best singer in Brazil and, for this song, I knew that I would need someone to sing with pure emotion. And it was a surprise the synergy we had in Unforgettable. Luan loved the track, and the result is a song that is literally unforgettable ”.

In turn, on participation in the feat., singer Luan Santana talks about the combination of voices in this project. “Joining my voice with Giulia’s, without a doubt, is one of those career moments that, in the future, we will sigh and say: ‘unforgettable!’ And we are going to make this meeting eternal ”, celebrates Luan.

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“Luan has a unique personality, he is one of the most generous people I have ever met, and it was a pleasure to have him with me on this project”, comments Giulia Be, who also made a mystery about the behind the scenes of the clip, directed by Pedro Tofani and Malu Alves.

“The idea was to show a powerful and loving couple of artists, hiding themselves through brown attitudes and their respective egos. The attitude is a bit mocking, because each one is saying that it is unforgettable, but at the same time, the chemistry between these characters had to be undeniable. And I think the result was better than all expectations! Other than that, it was a pleasure to share the experience of the first feat with Luan, who is a great professional ”celebrates.

For Luan, the singer showed even more her personality and outstanding voice in this project. “I loved singing with Giulia on live and, days before, in the production of the clip, rehearsing. So many meetings that I already miss. To record the clip was to have the same feeling as always: that soft voice when singing and firm when speaking, a woman girl, who arrives showing identity in Brazilian music ”, praises the singer.

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“Unforgettable” was originally composed in Spanish, and the single “Unforgettable” arrives simultaneously on digital platforms this Friday. The solo version of the song also features an unpublished clip, directed by the same team as the Portuguese version. “Unforgettable” was composed by Giulia Be, in 2019, while finishing the production of the hit “Chiquita Suelta”, em Miami.

Giulia says that she composed the lyrics in a matter of minutes, inspired by a moment she was living in, and the demo was finished in just 1 hour. “Last year, while producing Chiquita Suelta, I had some free time and took the opportunity to write some songs, and one of those days I received a message from my ex saying that he had dreamed of me. And that’s where the inspiration came from. I wanted to play with the idea of ​​’me’ being unforgettable, and I already had the word unforgettable in my head. And with the help of Cris ‘Chill’ in writing the lyrics in Spanish, the rest became music ”.

“Unforgettable” was produced by brothers Dav and Johnny Julca (XAXO), who have worked with Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz, Pitbull, among others. The vocal mix featured the work of Jean Rodriguez (coastcity), who also participated in the production of “Chiquita Suelta” and collaborated with artists like Beyoncé and Anitta, and the finalization of the mix was by Josh Gudwin, who is responsible for mixing the latest album by Dua Lipa, “Future Nostalgia”, and also part of the production and documentary of “Changes” do Justin Bieber.

“Unforgettable” e “Unforgettable” are the singer’s first unreleased tracks after the release of the debut EP “drop”, which has already passed the 380 million streams mark. “drop” received double platinum certification in Brazil, triple platinum in Portugal, several nominations in musical awards in Brazil, in addition to winning over Mexico and South American countries.

See Inolvidable, Giula Be’s new Spanish single

About Giulia Be

This has been a year of great milestones in Giulia Be’s career. In addition to being nominated in the three main musical awards in Brazil, in the second semester the singer scored another hit on the TOP 15 of Spotify. After “Loose girl”, which came to rank 10th in the chart and has already passed the 257 million mark streams, “If that life were a movie” reached 12th position on the platform list. The track is now the 8th most used song in the global Reels, according to Instagram disclosure, and was among the 26 most used songs by challenges at Tik Tok Global. Giulia already has more than 5.6 million monthly listeners, being the 4th most heard Brazilian singer on Spotify in Brazil. “Loose girl” e “If that life were a movie” they are also part of the singer’s debut EP.

In Portugal, she occupied the first place in the airplay charts of the country, receiving triple platinum certificate. He was in 3rd place in iTunes, 7th in the Top 200 of Portuguese Spotify and in Apple Music, 8th in Deezer and 18th in Shazam Lusitano.

At 21, Giulia Be is a complete artist. Singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, Giulia is involved in all the creative processes of her career. Appointed as one of the great revelations of Brazilian pop in the last year, Giulia Be has been considered a bet of music and has remained for almost a year among the most played songs in the country with the hit “Loose girl”.


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