Glasses with blue lenses improve sleep and productivity

Glasses with blue lenses improve sleep and productivity

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Research has shown that wearing glasses with blue lenses improves sleep as well as work engagement and performance. Most of the technologies we commonly use, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, emit blue light, which is known to disrupt sleep.

During the pandemic, employees became more dependent on these devices to work and stay in touch with their loved ones. Researchers at Indiana University have found that wearing blue light glasses, whose lenses have filters that block or absorb these blue light emissions just before bed, can lead to a better night’s sleep. sleep and contribute to a better job the next day.

“We have found that wearing blue light filter glasses is an effective intervention to improve sleep, work engagement, task performance and organization, and reduce counterproductive behaviors at work. Wearing blue light filtering glasses creates a form of physiological darkness, thereby improving the amount and quality of sleep, ”said study author Cristiano L. Guarana.

The scientist goes on to explain that the benefits of wearing glasses are more important for bed-late than for early risers. “While most of us may benefit from a reduction in our exposure to blue light, those who go to bed late seem to benefit more because they experience greater lags in our internal clocks. Our model highlights how and when wearing blue light filtering glasses can help employees live and work better, ”he explained.

For the study, the researchers collected data from 63 business leaders and 67 call center representatives in the Brazilian offices of a US multinational financial corporation and measured their job performance. Participants were randomly selected to wear blue light filtering glasses or placebo glasses.


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