Google Maps turn your neighborhood into a playing field

Google Maps turn your neighborhood into a playing field

Bandai Namco is making a version of its mega-seller Pac-Man available for smartphones on iOS and Android without causing a stir. Every card can become a playing field.

Pac-Man Geo is now available to play.

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Pac-Man Geo is now available to play.

Pac-Man fans can look forward to another free version of the video game veteran. The specialty: the maps come from the real world.

Pac-Man eats his way through the world

So you can with Pac-Man Geo For example, turn your neighborhood, but also any other mapped location into a playing field and then share it with other players. The labyrinths are based on environments that are taken directly from Google Maps.

Bandai Namco has already prepared various particularly famous locations. The manufacturer calls this mode “tour mode”. Here, gamers can tour the world with a guide and play through special Pac-Man scenarios.

All over the world there should be special items and powerups that are attached to local sights and other regional features. The game is visually shown in an isometric top view. The streets are highlighted as play paths, the surroundings are shown behind a kind of frosted glass optics.

Restrained enthusiasm

According to initial tests, this display is problematic. After all, Pac-Man is controlled by touch and swipe. The isometric, i.e. slightly distorted perspective, makes control difficult.

So the game should react ambiguously to swipes. Sometimes it should be difficult to move the character in the desired direction at all. However, this is not acceptable in a game that requires quick and precise changes of direction.

The other interaction elements of the game should also react sometimes more sometimes less well. Apparently Bandai Namco has put a game on the market here that could have used a lot of developer love.

Pac-Man Geo launched almost worldwide

Pac-Man Geo has been available in Germany and in over 170 other regions around the world since Wednesday. It should stay free and monetize itself through advertising. At least so far, there is no talk of in-app purchases.

Pac-Man himself is celebrating his fortieth birthday in 2020. Bandai Namco had announced that it would accompany the anniversary appropriately. In May Nvidia had an AI version of the yellow wolverine presented.

Pac-Man Geo is available here: Android | iOS


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