Great birthday! Norma Palafox becomes Chivas’ top scorer

 Great birthday! Norma Palafox becomes Chivas' top scorer

Norma Palafox equaled the record held by Rubí Soto.

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Norma Palafox equaled the record held by Rubí Soto.

Norma Palafox turned 22 years old on October 14 Y He did it in a round way since he scored a goal in the Chivas victory against León and it was placed like the maximum scorer of the feminine herd.

There is no doubt that Norma Palafox is living a full birthday, the Chivas de Guadalajara footballer scored the second goal in the victory of the Herd 2-0 against Leon to install her name in the history of the rojiblanco club as one of the team’s top scorers in its Women’s category.

With the score obtained in the victory against León, Norma Palafox reached a record of 20 goals as a Chivas player and equaled the record held by Rubí Soto, who is no longer in the club and so without a doubt Normita Palafox will be positioned as the club’s top scorer soon.

The player is one of the fundamental pieces that the squad has, led by Edgar Mejía within the institution, in addition to being one of the most loved by the rojiblancos fans are the product of their constant displays of support that make them feel on social networks.

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GOOOOOOL FROM @normapalafox_! The birthday girl scored the second in the afternoon and equaled Rubí as the top scorer of Flock A post shared by Chivas Femenil (@chivasfemenil) on Oct 14, 2020 at 3:53 pm PDT

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